Thursday, December 25, 2014

Liturgy Counts--a Lot.

From an essay which remarks upon the unfortunate early demises of OT figures who did not observe the rules:

It is obviously no surprise that liberal Catholics have traditionally placed a low value on the quality of liturgical celebrations; I say not on liturgy itself, because progressive Catholics think liturgy is extremely important - that is, so long as it is an anthropocentric, horizontal affair. It is not liturgy per se they disparage, but liturgy done well - that is, liturgy that is transcendent and centered on the dignified worship of God. "Why be so finicky about the liturgy?" they say. "There are more important issues to get upset about! Issues like poverty, war, abortion and social justice! Why get all worked up about liturgical reform? It is just a matter of aesthetics anyhow!"

Umnnhhhh, yah.  He goes on:

Unfortunately, it is also common for more conservative Catholics to hold a dismissive attitude towards the liturgy as well, adopting a minimalist approach that the externals of liturgical action are "mere" externals, that they can be discarded or changed without consequence, that all that matters is having a valid Eucharist, etc.

(I think he's wrong there:  'conservative' Catholics are not minimalists.  What he mentions here are simply more marks of 'liberal' Catholics, such as those who dismiss critics as "fuss-pots."  That snark was pronounced by a local Chancery poobah in the last six months or so.  But I digress.)

The point of his essay:  God does not take lightly transgressions of His liturgical laws.

Scripture is replete with examples of persons who were struck dead in wrath for violating the dignity surrounding the Hebrew liturgy and the ceremonial worship of God

He goes on to name a dozen or so. 


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