Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's "Immoral" at DPI, Anyway??

The New Holstein school superintendent is suspended without pay for (allegedly) trying to arrange a hot date with an underage girl.


Turns out he had 'issues' while in the Madison school district. But the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction couldn't find a problem. If they had, the guy would have had license problems.

...Districts are required to report to DPI teachers and administrators who commit certain crimes or if "the person resigns and the administrator has a reasonable suspicion that the resignation relates to the person having engaged in immoral conduct."

Immoral conduct is defined as "conduct or behavior that is contrary to the commonly accepted moral or ethical standards and that endangers the health, safety and welfare of any pupil."

Gasper said Nelson's conduct didn't meet that standard based on evidence provided by the district. The state can revoke a teaching license for incompetence or immoral conduct.

Well, what did the guy do?

[Nelson] resigned as athletics coordinator from the Madison School District in 2005 after viewing pornography on his work computer. The Department of Public Instruction investigated Christopher J. Nelson in 2005 after Madison officials brought the matter to its attention. But the agency did not find reason to revoke his teaching license



Display Name said...

"Athletics coordinator" tells me a lot.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't an underage girl the guy was soliciting, it was a detective who was posing as an underage boy that busted him.

Unfortunately, SOME school districts keep these things quiet (regarding the removal of teachers and administrators). There's an unwritten rule in which if a person leaves quietly, they will "protect" them, i.e. a letter of recommendation. Or, and I know of a case in Waterford and in Greendale, the (male) teachers kept their jobs despite evidence indicating inappropriate conduct was taking place with girls whom they coached. No hard proof (pun unintended) that sexual relations had occurred, just rumors and denials, but enough questionable activity to warrant a consequence. To me, in those specific instances, ZERO TOLERANCE. Disgusting, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the Church faces lawsuits and publicity cases like none other, but the educational system gets nothing.

Also, what kind of sick, disgusting, degraded pervert looks at pornography on his work computer? When I do internships at companies, I don't even browse blogs or anything else that might be considered controversial.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, anony 10:50 a.m. for your astute analysis [sarcasm].

Display Name said...

Anon 10:50, what inspires you to say false things like that about people you do not know?

GOR said...

So will Mr. Anderson be setting up an office in Madison to pursue school districts in court?

Yeah, right!

Dave said...

I can tell you how Colorado dealt with tha matter when they passed legislation to bleed the Catholic Church. They made sure to make the public school districts immune, so that no one would try the same thing on them.