Thursday, January 20, 2011

RoJo Likes "Justice Plan" for Afghanistan

Sykes interviews Senator Ron Johnson R-WI (nice to type that, by the way) on Goat Country.

Senator RoJo is impressed by General Petraeus--so much so that he thinks the US will 'win the battle' in Afghanistan.


Among other things, RoJo mentioned that the US is installing a 'system of justice' which will erase the 'unrest' on which AlQuaeda capitalizes to continue its presence.

He also mentioned that the US is now 'educating' the Afghan Army--that is to say, giving them the 3 R's--in addition to providing typical armed-forces training.

When Sykes asked " long should we stay?" (the payoff question), RoJo skittered, saying that we 'should not have firm timetables,' and more-or-less winds up with "a long time."

I don't think Sykes was impressed. Nor was I.

The Senator proposes that a US presence (and lots of literacy, training, money, and lives) will transform a country of poppy-growing/goat-herding Muslims into a functional Western-law based society.

Good luck with that, Senator.


Paul - Berry Laker said...

I am glad Johnson got elected but didn't he campaign on getting out of Afghanistan? I could be wrong but like you, his comments makes me wonder.

If we are in Afgan then let's win and get most out. I do agree to keep a force or a base there like Iraq.

It just seems he went wishy washy.

Have a GREAT day

TerryN said...

Didn't Obama campaign on getting out of Gitmo?

I do not remember Ron Johnson stating directly that he was going to get us out of Afghanistan.

Please remind me with facts, not sound bites.

Display Name said...

You voted for Johnson, right?