Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Inflation Here....Uhmnnnn....


No inflation here, no inflation near, none, nope, zero, nada.

QE2 is Good For You!!!

Unless you purchase petroleum products, corn, or beef.....

HT: Barry Ritholtz


J. Strupp said...

QE2 has nothing to do with anything.

Dollar DXY has strengthened since QE2 was announced.

Economic recovery seems to be driving depressed prices higher in some areas. China is a pretty big place with a lot of people believe it or not. If QE2 was the culprit for the moderate inflation we're seeing in some of the data, we'd expect to see dollar weakness during the same timeframe. That hasn't been the case.

And again, inflation is not a problem to any siginificant degree. Because you bought tomatoes for a couple cents more this week at the local Pick n' Save doesn't make widespread hyperinflation a fact. I've linked the data before. It's all there.

Dan said...

Milk in Vegas went from $2.08 to $2.46 a gallon in a matter of a month or so. A lot products are made with milk and those prices have gone up as well.
Plus gasoline and diseal prices have gone up. This makes delivery more expensive and companies are passing the price increase. These are not little flukes, it's a reality and long term reality.
Perhaps, J., you don't shop, but those of us in the real world notice price increases, small or large.

neomom said...

Note also the smaller package sizes.

But don't worry, Strupp has been showing us government graphs that say that food prices have not been going up and that anything we see at the grocery store is purely anecdotal.

"These are not the droids you are looking for...."