Friday, January 21, 2011

Big Green, THE Green: Your Tax Contributions

Neatly summarized by the AmSpec blog:

...Tuesday's State of the Union speech will see Obama's fourth call (including all three such January addresses, and his first at the UN) for legislation "making clean energy the profitable kind." How obscenely direct, and even more garishly ignored each time by the media. He wants laws to make the uneconomic profitable for a politically selected class of people making politically selected gadgets, by taking your wealth and giving it to them which is something, as is clear in that fact this requires the force of the federal government, you would never do.

Make the uneconomic -- key word -- 'profitable'. Because markets, driven by economics, will not. Only politicians can put your dollars to use to make the uneconomic 'profitable'. And we know (and they again admit) that technology is not going to make these things what they would need to be to be profitable. Only state-imposed wealth transfers.

So happens the rest of the entry is focused on GE, but one could substitute a LOT of other names for "GE."

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