Monday, January 31, 2011

FedGov's Vitally Necessary Activities

You can count on Planet Moron to find multitudes of Constitutionally-mandated vitally important critical make-work jackasseries.

From the Federal Register:

...This rule increases the Native spearmint oil salable quantity from 980,220 pounds to 1,118,639 pounds, and the allotment percentage from 43 percent to 50 percent. The marketing order regulates the handling of spearmint oil produced in the Far West and is administered locally by the Spearmint Oil Administrative Committee (Committee).

And it's always up-to-the-minute, in this, the age of the Internet!!

...This notice announces publication by NHTSA of the annual insurer report on motor vehicle theft for the 2005 reporting year. Section 33112(h) of Title 49 of the U.S. Code, requires this information to be compiled periodically and published by the agency in a form that will be helpful to the public, the law enforcement community, and Congress.

How can we LIVE without these helps??

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