Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Dead Poets' Society v. Krugman

Somebody has to have fun with the living-dead-Krugman.

...With my luck so quickly turning knowing I could now start learning
About the essay prompt concerning: how full employment to restore
With inquisitive expression quickly I began to question
“How do we end this recession and full employment to restore?”
Not shaken up nor shaven was the economic maven
Quoth the Krugman, “Spend some more.”

“More spending can’t be provided", were the words I gently chided
"With congress ever divided, nothing makes it to the senate’s door”
“Maybe in a perfect setting, but what you seem to be forgetting
The whole plan is just begetting of higher deficits galore?
Borrowing now is easy, paying it back is quite a chore!”
Quoth the Krugman, “Spend some more.”

Yes, there's lots more at the link! Good stuff....

HT: LegalInsurrection

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I also liked the comment: "What next...the Cask of BarackObamo?"