Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Rahm's "Situation"

While Roeser and Emanuel agree on virtually NOTHING politically, Roeser thinks that Rahm's been fed the green weenie.

In plain English the law that would deny Rahm Emanuel from running for mayor because in service of his country he purportedly lost his residence here is an ass and should be overridden ASAP.

When you read the piece, you'll discover a situation not unlike that of Milwaukee County; the Board (Chicago City Council) wants NOTHING to do with Emanuel (Walker/Stone) and will do whatever it takes to keep him outta there.

From here, of course, they all deserve each other.

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GOR said...

Initially I thought the law had a point, but after reading Tom’s article I have to agree with him. Whether you like Emanuel or not (and I don’t…) the fact that he was temporarily ‘serving his country’ in DC shouldn’t exclude him from running for office in his home city or state. I can see the value of a residency rule to prevent people bringing in a ‘ringer’ from outside, but for me the fact of his temporary role in the administration – just as it would be for someone serving abroad in the military, I believe – should override the residency requirement.