Monday, January 31, 2011

No Smoking? No Business!

P-Mac discovers elementary business truth: if you don't offer what customers want, you won't have customers.

The most telling evidence in his essay does NOT come from bar-owners, nor 'cancer researchers.'

It comes from a third party with knowledge:

Chuck Beth, who makes money off coin-op pool tables and pinball machines in Racine bars:

“Comparing recent months with 2008, an average year, the cash in those games is down by one-third, Beth said. ‘Some places, the smaller ones, are down by more than 50 percent.’

“ ‘There isn't a single bar in this town ... that it didn't affect,’ Beth said. ‘Not one of them is up - all of them are down.’”

Oh, and there's a Supreme Irony moment in the piece, too. Read it.

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Display Name said...

Because the no-smoking law is the only thing that's happened since 2008 that might've affected revenues?