Sunday, January 23, 2011

So What's the Left's "Stage Three" Plan?

Powerline notes that the Left, in the aftermath of Tucson, has implemented Stage One, the "It's All the Fault of the Right" phase of their re-election '12 plan.

And now they've moved to Stage Two: the "Shut Them Up" part. effort to cash in on battlefield preparation by attacking specific figures on the right and trying to shut down speech that the Left finds inconvenient.

Which begins with Glenn Beck; the NYT has manufactured a misleading story (they practice a lot) about 'Poor Ms. Piven', which is being offered as proof of Beck's violence-inciting rhetoric.

You'll see the same sort of thing directed at other conservatives; Beck was the first because Beck is best at pointing to the source(s) of Lefty ideology: Piven, Bernays, and Wilson inter alia. Beck is also the weakest link--not all Conservatives are in love with him and his numerology fixation.

What will Stage Three consist of?

Most likely a Charm Offensive from Obozo. This is already in motion with the appointment of Daley at the White House, the appointment of Immelt to some vaguely-Fascist commission, and a "jobs" agenda which he'll yap about during the SOTU.

But there's more. Those particular appointments are a message to US businesses: "You can cooperate with us; see how nice we are to cooperative (or co-opted) business folks.....or....."

And of course, there's the "or."

Piven seems to think that what happened in Greece is just dandy. See the PowerLine link for the details.


capper said...

Just for the record, are you saying you are comfortable with a 78 year old woman receiving death threats for an article she wrote 45 years ago?

Amy said...

Um, Piven is the one advocating and defending violence, capper. And regardless of the fact the comments appear on Glenn Beck's site, that's not proof they're conservative (it'd be like saying YOUR conservative for posting here...get it?)

It's hard to buy the argument that violent threats are okay when made against one's political opponents, but not when the same violence you advocate is brough back against you. Piven thinks the ivolent riots in Greece and England are great models for the US.

Also, the link above notes the violent threats were deleted, leaving only comments re: treason.

By the way, where are you when the left makes numerous death threats against those on the right? Oh wait...that's right. I answered that question above.

capper said...

Thank you for your opinion, Amy, but you were neither the person I was addressing, nor did you answer the simple yes or no question.

Dad29 said...

Well, Capper, that's a stupid question. Amy tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I'm not so easy.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dad29 said...

Not helpful, Anony.

You can find him at the usual drinking spots with the Lefties, too.

capper said...

Thanks for having that removed, Dad.

Between that and the threats he's been leaving for me and others, he is getting tiresome real fast.

But it does kind of go to enforce why there is concern about the level of rhetoric lately, no?

Dad29 said...


Rhetoric is just that.

Piven calls for violent riots; she may mean it, but nobody--so far--has taken that as a command.

Display Name said...

So Dad29, do you think your personal-data-posting commenter is liberal or conservative?

Anonymous said...

On MSNBC, Piven wasn’t clear about the "death threats" except that her students tell her what Glenn Beck says on air and what's on the Blaze. And she tried to indicate that those "threats" had escalated, but was pretty vague. Seems to me if you are moving along with your socialist little life, being hailed as a leader in totalitarian thought, and all of a sudden threats to your life escalating, you would remember when that escalating happened. She didn’t.

This reminds me of like Capper's "threats" and John Foust's "crank calls." A lot of bluster, no substance. Birds of a lying feather...

Display Name said...

Plenty of substance, Anon. Police reports, ATT reports, recordings of the calls, and police contact with Mickey O'Leary. There's plenty for you to confirm, if you are interested in such things.

TerryN said...

Piven started it!

Anonymous said...

Put up, or shut up John Foust.

Post the recordings by noon tomorrow.

Display Name said...

The recordings have been up for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Bloggingblue a reliable source?

Why don't you just use Daily Kos?

Besides, it appears the MP3s are doctored and spliced.

Where's the police report? Where's the field interview card with your proclaimed suspect? Rather than whine about it, why do you continue to piss and moan about it?

I am calling you a fraud, John Foust. A used car salesman has more integrity than you.

Display Name said...

I guess I'll just call you "Anonymous" and ask you what sort of evidence you would find sufficient. As you can see, Blogging Blue simply reproduced my explanation of it all. You can easily call Mickey O'Leary and get his side of the story. You can easily call the Jefferson police and see their records. You don't need to involve me, do you?