Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DNR, Again. This Time: Bullets

Apparently Ms. Stepp has more than a few weeds to pull from the DNR loco-weed garden.

A veterenarian X-rayed some deer meat he had in his freezer and found some lead content. So happens he's on the DNR board, so:

Spurred by the presentations from public health and wildlife experts, board members started a conversation that may lead to pilot projects that restrict the use of lead shot and tackle on some state lands, as well as increased education efforts.

The language there is deceptive. "Lead shot" normally refers to shotgun pellets. But that's not really an issue.

While the use of lead shot in waterfowl hunting was banned by the federal government years ago, lead ammunition continues to be used to hunt deer and other game. Lead is also used to make sinkers and other fishing tackle

So what they're really after is bullets.

No surprise at all; a bunch of wackos petitioned EPA about banning bullets, too. Despite the fact that it's the Obama Administration, EPA decided that 'it has no authority' to ban bullets.

Maybe DNR thinks they can do so. They're wrong.


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