Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Spoil Your Holiday: Jeb Bush Wants to Run


...I am starting to hear rumors that Jeb is telling potential prominent supporters to “keep their powder dry,” meaning not to endorse or support any 2012 candidates until they check back with him.

And since HRC is denying, denying, denying, .......

It's been said that Jeb is the 'most conservative' of the Bush family. Hard to define 'most conservative' when you have a Globaloney Promoter (or two), and a Big Gummint/Big Spender hawk as contrast buttons.

And another 4 years of Barbara? Say it ain't so!


Jeff Miller said...

Well as a Floridian the only real grip I had with his years of Governor was his position on offshore oil wells. Other than that he was pretty conservative and made major cuts in government here which really helped out now with the recession.

I doubt though that he will run. He just doesn't have that fire to run or the ego to think that we really need him to run.

Al said...

This would go a long way in explaining some of Barbara Bush's recent comments about Sarah Palin.