Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Reality of TSA: Theater.

Bayou RenMan knows a bit about the issues.

...full-body scans using X-rays and microwave radar at potentially dangerous cumulative radiation levels, coupled with invasive searches of the genital area for those who refuse such screening -are a farce. They would not have stopped a single one of the 9/11/2001 hijackers, and they would not have detected the so-called 'shoe bomber'. They can and will do nothing whatsoever to improve our security in flight

Other than that, what could possibly be wrong with TSA?

I've grown accustomed to having TSA personnel lie to me every single time I use a US airport. I travel with a cane, the result of partial disability. I've had different procedures applied to that cane in almost every airport. Some let me walk through the metal detector with it; some don't. Some X-ray it along with my carry-on baggage; some don't. Some swab it to check for explosives; some don't. Yet, at every airport, if I query something that's required, their common answer is that "this is TSA policy, and it's the same at every airport". I know damn well it's not the same - I routinely use other airports, and I know they're lying to me!

So the procedures are:

1) A farce because they don't detect or prevent s*&^;
2) A blatant violation of your 4th Amendment rights, and
3) Perpetrated by 43,000 lying dummies. (Follow the leader.)

One thinks that the Budget Committee could make an adjustment in TSA funding, no? They SHOULD, if they read this link, which describes Israeli airport security.


Tim Morrissey said...

WELL worth the time to read the article you linked to at the end. We need a change from top to bottom, particularly in the dweebs we hire to do "airport security" for the TSA. Ridiculous. I have a titanium hip. The bastards kick me out of the line every time for the "personal" attention. Best security I've ever been through, regarding my hip: a 2002 visit to The Stratosphere in Las Vegas. There was a metal detector gateway and a security guard posted at the point where you get onto the elevator to go to the top of the tower. I told him about my hip. He said "titanium won't set the detector off"....all the time, looking directly into my eyes. He said "ever been up there before?", continuing to look into my eyes. I said "nope." He had a wand in his hand, so I said "you gonna check me over with that?" and he said...never breaking his gaze into my eyes..."naw. Go on up there with your wife and enjoy the view."

EXACTLY what the article was talking about.

Dad29 said...

I take it you didn't blow up the tower in Vegas and that you escaped undetected with the millions you spirited out of the bar cash-register, eh?