Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Was the NorK Action #1 or #2? Or #3?

Drudge headlines "It Begins" when describing NorK's attack of a South Korean island.

But was that really the beginning?

PRChina has been elbowing and jostling the US for quite a long time. Most recently, they have watched Obama & Co., and now the Fed, devalue the USD, which happens to occupy a big space in PRC's "current assets" ledger entry.

This does not make them happy.

And PRChina sees itself as a Big Player on the world stage, with the only counter to PRChina being the US. It ain't the Russkis any more, despite Putin's manly-man image-thrusting pictures and cunning. The EC? Giggle. India? Not now, not ever.

The Chinese are not stupid, either. They read Obama for what he is--a pampered dilettante flyweight with a better-than-average IQ and a serious distaste for the US's place in the world. Carville is right: Obama lacks at least 50% of the standard manhood tools. (Whether HRC has them is another question.)

As the AmSpec reminds us, NorK is utterly and totally dependent on PRChina for its existence. MacArthur knew it, and it hasn't changed in the last 50 years. So the NorKs dance to the PRC's tune. They did what PRChina hinted at, and loosed a few rounds into one of the US's two principal Far Eastern allies.

But that was NOT the first Chinese Obama-whacking. Not by a long shot.

The first was PRC's decision to cut off exports of rare-earth minerals to Japan--who just happens to be the US's OTHER Far Eastern ally. That action is (was--it was reversed, to a degree) an economic mortar-round of the first water.

The second?

The PRC sub-launched missile off the coast of California. Timing is everything; that missile popped up just as Obama was failing on the Far East trade mission. The message? "It ain't only your rare-earths that are in trouble."

And now the NorKs.

What will the Teleprompter say?

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Anonymous said...

Generally agree but you must have missed the news on the "missile". It was a contrail. The weather center in california and a host of experts all agree flight 808 out of Hawaii headed to pheonix left it. There is no missile in the world that would move that slow.