Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Apology Tours at $182,000/Hour +++


The U.S. military has provided an updated estimate on that cost [of using Air Force One], first published by a taxpayer watchdog group and confirmed by, and the number is staggering -- $181,757 per hour.

Think that's something? Think again.

That's the price tag for shuttling around President Obama, who, as it turns out, has spent more days abroad in his first two years than any other president.

Bush, the piker, was out of country for 54 days; Obama is at 55.

But Obama didn't have to persuade a dozen nations to join in an attack on Saddam, either.

The White House refuses to come up with a number 'better than' the $200 million/day estimate for the Taj Mahal trip, but ...

While a total by-the-day figure may be impossible to come by, [Demian] Brady estimated that the 48 hours of flight time logged on the trip would cost at least $8.7 million for Air Force One alone. The president's latest visit to Lisbon, Portugal, for a NATO conference would add another $2.7 million, he figured.

The all-time record-holder for o/seas travel is Clinton at 233 days. Next is Bush 43 at 215.

It took them 8 years to get there.


Jim said...

So what is your point here? That President Obama is on a pace to spend just about the same number of days abroad as any of the most recent tree presidents?

That's pretty profound, isn't it?

It also appears that the article and you are trying to equate days abroad with the number of hours of Air Force One operation. I don't see necessarily a 1:1 relationship. Do you?

Dad29 said...

We're just interested in full disclosure, Jim. You have a problem with actual full disclosure?

As to your second claim, I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Jim, didn't Obama campaign on "change"? Didn't he talk about not continuing along the same line?

If so, you think he might scale back a bit on his ego, I mean, presidential trips.

Jim said...

Neo, do you know what a non sequitur is? Look it up.

Dad, see same. Since you seem to have the figures, where is the disclosure issue?

You've apparently found yet another way to bash the president for doing what presidents do.