Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your Basic Big-City Wildlife

Yup. Took a quick drive Downtown and on Lincoln Memorial Drive, about halfway between Bradford Beach and the Yacht Club, on the west side of the drive, there was a red fox.

Raccoon and rabbit control.


jimspice said...

I'm in Bay View on the other side of the harbor, and we have a well established fox community. I see them at least weekly. I've seen four at once. Frequently have fox prints on the roof of my car for some reason.

I've also had a whitetail buck trotting down the center of the street. Hawks, owls, raccoons, the occasional coyote. It's like Snow White moved into the neighborhood or something.

Dad29 said...

We lived there (just off Humboldt Park) for a number of years. Lotsa raccoons, chipmunks, at least one noisy owl.

Never saw a deer, nor fox sign.

The fox is atop your car b/c that gets him closer to the squirrels. Not close enough...