Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The LVPD's Amazing Marksmanship

We're following the Erik Scott shooting with some interest.

So is ConYank. This is from his latest essay on the topic:

This is only one of a great many reasons why the Erik Scott shooting is so unusual. Apparently three officers fired at Scott from very close range from at least two sides, more or less simultaneously, while actually surrounded by innocent citizens, citizens close enough to have been hit by ejected brass. These officers were almost certainly facing each other and were said to have fired only seven rounds, yet every round stuck their intended target--if they are to be believed, a moving target--and there were no misses despite the fact that they all fired--by their own testimony--in what amounts to a panic. We are expected to believe, among all of the amazing coincidences in this case, that the three random officers at Costco that day were world class tactical shooters who fired only a limited number of rounds and that no rounds missed. Miraculously, apparently none of the rounds fired struck anyone or anything else. This is, to put it mildly, highly unusual.

Yah. You think a casino manager would take odds on that sort of marksmanship??

He leads up to it with a dark-comic recap of the Kansas City cops who shot everything in sight on hearing, over the radio, that there were 'shots fired.'

They were backfires from a dying truck, but...

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Dan said...

There are many inaccuracies in this report and some of the things are unbelievabe.
I've blogged on Eric Scott a lot, mostly from the negative side of the cops and I've never had any problems. I've also ripped the Metro cops on several other occasons and have neve been pulled over or harrassed.
We will never know what really happened. the family filed a lawsuit and they will settle out of court and there will not be a trial.