Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Happened to Minnesota?

Minnesota, like Wisconsin, USED to enjoy a "clean-State" reputation.

Things change. We got the Doylet.

They got Mark Ritchie.

Mark Ritchie, the Minnesota Secretary of State who took a Minnesota Senate seat away from Norm Coleman and handed it to the obnoxious left-wing comedian Al Franken, is affiliated not only with Obama's ACORN, but with the Communist Party USA.

Now Ritchie is trying to push Mark Dayton (also endorsed by the CPUSA, like Franken) into the Governor's chair in that State.

At least we managed to flush the Doylet....

HT: MoonBattery

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neomom said...

You have forgotten that MN elected Jesse Ventura as Governor? Must be something in the water...