Monday, November 29, 2010

New! Improved!! A 2-Hour Wait for Speeding Ticket!!

"PC" is a disease that just keeps on giving.

First, air-travelers are subject to brainless "random" porno-X-rays OR feelups from Gummint agents. Take your choice.

Now, the Doylet Gummint gives you another PC gift: the data-intense traffic stop.

...This data collection is mandatory if, 1) any contact is made by an officer with a driver, 2) the stop was conducted on a public street, 3) the traffic stop was initiated by the officer, and 4) the traffic stop resulted in detention of the motor vehicle. This data must be collected regardless of whether the traffic stop resulted in a citation, verbal or written warning, or even if no official action was taken what so ever. ....

How much data? You'll be sorry you asked.

...We will be required to collect all stop data, vehicle data, occupant data, reason and outcome data and search data. The new form will require 46 different data fields, 23 of which are collected via the citation, with an additional 16 data fields required should the officer search the vehicle and even more data fields should the driver or passengers be searched.

Of course, EACH data entry carries the possibility of error.

The good news? If you see a cop stopping someone, you know he'll be busy for about 30 minutes.

The bad news? If YOU get stopped, you'll be very, very late for your appointment.

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