Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Regulators Killed Dozer Days

Nice to know that everyone's safe, and that the Hamilton School District is the loser.


The Hamilton Education Foundation, host of the popular Dozer Day at Halquist Stone’s Sussex Quarry, determined at a recent board meeting that the popular Southeastern Wisconsin event will no longer occur.

Dozer Day has had an excellent track record in regards to safety issues during the event; however, due to “interpretation of safety regulations by the Mine, Safety and Health Administration, it became apparent that Dozer Day would not happen next year,” said Tom Halquist, a co-founder of the event in a press release sent out Nov. 24.

You're safe!


neomom said...

WTF? Dozer Day is awesome. Evidently the gubbmint believes its mission is to suck the fun completely out of life.

Andrew K said...

Dozer Day was awwwwwweeeeeeesooooooommmmmeee!

TerryN said...

Maybe the TSA could show up to grope all the children before they had fun. It would be just as effective as their current orders.

But there would have to be communication between two government bureaucracies for that to happen. So, RIP Dozer Days...