Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Packers...

Another blogger who would LIKE to be thought of as a youngster will not like my proposed headline for last night's game:

Special Teams Fail;
Offensive Line Fails;
Defense Gives Up in 4Q
Sadly, the font here does not have the "therefore" three-dot sign to place after the penultimate line of the header...
But Kevin, by all means, put that on your blog.
We'll work up an excuse for Favre's Failure in Seattle later.


Billiam said...

I am sick of those that want to blame Rodgers for the losses. I guess those that do still haven't managed to pull their lips off Brett's butt.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to date the entries, rather than just time stamp them? I've been gone from Internet access for several days and I can't tell from the post by itself which day it was added to the blog. *This* entry can be known by the datetime stamp of its commenter. But the main page articles are only time stamped.