Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Kennedy Seat

The Winning McCain quotes Allahpundit regarding Caroline's lust for a Senate seat:

We really should consider setting aside a permanent seat for the Kennedys. . . . Give them their own spot, fully inheritable, to be filled by whomever the family designates, and you might just placate them enough to discourage other members of the brood from running.

McCain goes him one better:

Give them a bus, with Ted at the wheel.

Or the rum-running franchise, where it all began...


John Foust said...

Yeah! They should have to earn their family empires by merit, like the Bush family did!

Dad29 said...

While I vehemently disagree with both GWHB and GWB on a number of items, BOTH had substantial prior experience in Gummint.

Both were also ELECTED, as you may recall, PRIOR to running for the Presidency.

John Foust said...

OK, Neil and Jeb? No family connections? Just as sharp as their Pa?

Anonymous said...

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