Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cheney: Lackey, Running Dog, or Jerk?

Reported in Human Events:

...Vice President Cheney and White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolton met mid-week with Senate Republicans in a private lunch. As several sources told me, the discussion was heated, with the White House insisting on the Democrats’ principal ground rule for a deal: no bankruptcy for the automakers.

...The White House’s adoption of Democratic talking points pushed the Republicans too far. Cheney’s statements were particularly offensive to the senators. At one point, Cheney said that if the automaker bailout didn’t pass, it would be “Herbert Hoover time.”

As we all know, Bush is now illegally and un-Constitutionally providing welfare to GM and Chrysler, evidently with the support of Cheney, who is supposed to be the mature member of the team.

I guess "maturity" is a lot easier to fake than we thought.

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