Monday, December 22, 2008

Journalistic Decline...

You won't believe this one...

This morning, the New York Times published a letter from the mayor of Paris, France:

With all the respect and admiration I have for Ms. Kennedy's late father, I find her bid in very poor taste, and . . . in my opinion she has no qualification whatsoever to bid for Senator Clinton's seat. . . .The Kennedy era is long gone, and I guess that New York has plenty of more qualified candidates to fill the shoes of Hillary Clinton. Can we speak of American decline?
Bertrand Delanoë

This afternoon:

Early this morning, we posted a letter that carried the name of Bertrand Delanoë, the mayor of Paris, sharply criticizing Caroline Kennedy.This letter was a fake. It should not have been published.Doing so violated both our standards and our procedures in publishing signed letters from our readers.We have already expressed our regrets to Mr. Delanoë's office and we are now doing the same to you, our readers.


HT: AmSpecBlog


A Secular Franciscan said...

Of course, even though "fake," the letter had a valid point!

Tom Suozzi over Cuomo and Kennedy!

Anonymous said...

One would think someone from the times would have called to verify to see if the letter was accurate. After all, who cares what the mayor of Paris thinks and that should have been a red flag.
No wonder the Times is barely able to survive right now. Hope it goes down in flames.

GOR said...

The NYT got something wrong...???

I'm shocked, shocked.