Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dirty Rahm?

Seems like it wasn't all just casual convo. Ace carries the following item:

Emanuel has not yet resigned from his congressional post. When he does, his position will be filled by a special election. But there was discussion about whether Blagojevich could appoint an interim replacement, according to the criminal complaint in the governor's case.

Days after Emanuel and Blagojevich spoke about Emanuel's seat, the governor is overheard telling aides on secret wiretaps he wanted Emanuel "to get the word today," about raising money for the governor and that when "[Emanuel] asks me for the Fifth CD thing, I want it to be in his head." The "Fifth CD" was a reference to Emanuel's 5th Congressional District seat

And Ace wonders what "appointment" power BlagoDirtBall has over Congressional seats.

But never mind that; the report lays out "quid pro quo" groundwork, at the very least.


capper said...

It seems that Blago wanted it, but it doesn't mean he got what he wanted. But keep reaching, it is good for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Until Rove testifies you shouldn't get worked up over this. Barring that unlikely scenario, Rahm ought to keep his chops shut and let Fitzo finish his work on Blago.