Saturday, December 20, 2008

Corn-A-Hole With Breezes

Yes, we're referring to Texas Windbag Boone Pickens...who may be a racketeer by another name: "investor."

The domestic auto industry isn't the only uncompetitive industry that seems to require life-sustaining transfusions of government cash to stay in business. Alternative energy sources have relied on such subsidies, called "investments," for years.

Yet in President-elect Obama's announcement of his energy team, we were told "the foundations of our energy independence" lie in "the power of wind and solar." Except that for these alternative sources there's been a severe power shortage.

After decades of tax credits and subsidies, wind provides only about 1% of our electricity. By comparison, coal provides 49%, natural gas 22%, nuclear power 19% and hydroelectric 7%.

Wind power is currently uncompetitive. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported recently: "In 1999, 2001 and 2003, when Congress temporarily killed the credits, the number of new turbines dropped dramatically." These subsidies will be renewed in the new administration, but to "invest" in wind and solar to replace fossil fuels will be expensive.

Same as Corn-A-Hole, folks. Steal from the common man, buy enough friends in Congress and the State Legislatures, and call it "investment."

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Anonymous said...

Wind and Solar are not base load capable. First, they are not reliable - take note of how many of the windmills aren't turning when you drive north to Fond du Lac on Hwy 41. Second, they don't have enough horsepower - or Kilowatts if you prefer for their size.

There are currently 42 zero-carbon emitting nuclear reactors on line in the US right now to produce that 19%. It would take 250,000 wind mills to match the power output. That's a lot of land folks.

We have to keep coal, oil, gas, and nukes on the table or we will be living back in the 30's whether from the lack of energy, the ensuing depression due to lack of jobs, or both.

Al said...

& let us not forget that these same "we want renewal energy from windmills" people are the same ones who say "Not in my back yard" when you try & do what they want.

I still think my solution is the best. Take all the politicians, lock them in a room & tap the hot air they put out. & it would save everyone a lot of money. Esp what we overpay Congress.

Anonymous said...
As you can see Dad, solar is coming around.