Monday, December 29, 2008

Hmmmmm! QB Ratings

Well, well, well.

Final regular-season QB ratings, 2008, NFL:

Best: Rivers, San Diego, 105.5, 11 interceptions

6th: Rodgers, Green Bay, 93.8, 13 interceptions

8th: Romo, Dallas, 91.4, 14 interceptions

.................scroll, scroll, scroll.....................

21st: Favre, NYJets, 81.0, 22 interceptions

Last: Anderson, Cleveland, 66.5, 8 interceptions

Yah, I know. It's all about leadership, not ratings. /sarcasm


Anonymous said...

Every single damn one of Romo's interceptions came at the worst possible time.


Anonymous said...

Favre came back to pad his career interception numbers. Now his legacy is complete.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk records: Packers last year 13-3 This year 7-9

Jets last year 4-12 This year 9-7

By a records stand point, you are wrong. Aren't statistics wonderful!

Anonymous said...

One more stat: 2007 QB ranking for Favre 95.7
Rogers with a better receiving corp: 93.8

capper said...

I gotta go with Dan on this one. The only stat that matters are the Ws. Rogers could have all the yards and numbers he wants, but if he can't win a game when it counts, where does that get ya? 6-10.

Dad29 said...

Oh, yah.

I forgot. There's only ONE guy on a professional football team--the QB.

Dan, my man, when the post is about QB stats, then my stats are correct. And it IS about QB stats.

As to "better" recievers: really? Then how do you explain three on-the-numbers passes dropped by the "better" receiver in the Lions game, first half?

Anonymous said...

Let's talk records: Packers last year 13-3 This year 7-9