Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Gentlemanly

While a certain Franklinophile and I differ regarding Brett Favre's trade, I am certain that neither of us would treat the guy this way...

Brett Favre's season is over, an MRI on his shoulder may be done later today, and the New York media are after him.

....Newsday columnist Bob Glauber said Favre "provided more proof that he is finished as an NFL quarterback."

In the New York Daily News, writer Ohm Youngmisuk wrote that, "Unfortunately for Favre and the Jets, what started out as a marriage made in heaven in August ended in heartbreak and bitter disappointment."

And in the New York Post, the Post said Favre had an "ancient arm."

Hey. The guy DID help your stinking team, no? He DID throw some TD's, no? He DID inspire a so-so team to a .500++ season, no?

Screw youse jerks in duh press!

He's an old warrior, yes.

But old warriors deserve respect for the fact that they competed and won.


Shoebox said...

Favre's a big boy. He knew (or should have known) what he was walking into going to NY. He had his season, did OK, got paid. The question now will be whether he will take his next step gracefully or in such a way that he removes all cause for future hate regarding how the GB management treated him last year.

Al said...


This isn't to justify it, but this is typical of the New York Press' way of covering sports. For them, this IS respect.

& I can guarentee you that the NY Press would see "Screw youse jerks in duh press!" as a compliment.

As a Jets fan, I am grateful for his help. But as Shoebox said, he should have known what he was getting into.

The Badgerland Conservative said...

The New York press is the media equivalent of Philadelphia fans, who we all know once booed Santa Claus and as Bob Uecker has famously said would go out to the airport to boo the bad landings on the days the Phillies were rained out.