Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barrett's Empty Suit Sick-Leave Commission

Barrett nominates the "sick-time" commission members.

...The Common Council voted Tuesday to reorganize the commission, which has been dormant for five years. The panel could be pivotal in enforcing the city's new sick leave ordinance, unless business groups win a court battle to prevent the measure from taking effect.

Barrett's nominees are Michael Barndt, an analyst at the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee and former chairman of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's urban affairs department ; Genyne Edwards, a consultant to community organizations and a former Wisconsin deputy secretary of tourism; Chris Her-Xiong, principal of the Hmong American Peace Academy; gay rights activist Ray Vahey, president of Center Advocates; and George Williams, a longtime teachers' union lobbyist

Exactly ZERO people with any sort of experience in commerce or industry--but all of them with sterling qualifications to become the President of the US.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, this is going to hurt Milwaukee big time. A bunch of flaming liberals and no one to balance the them. If anything can kill Milwaukee, this will do it.