Wednesday, December 12, 2007

WSJ Likes Fred

From the Washington Wire/WSJ:

Fred Thompson provided most of the lighter, and funnier, moments, including his exchange with Mitt Romney over who shoulders the biggest tax burden in the country.

“I don’t stay awake at night worrying about the taxes that rich people are paying, to tell you the truth,” the multimillionaire Romney said. Thompson responded that his goal “is to get into Mitt Romney’s situation, where I don’t have to worry about taxes anymore.” Romney shot back that he wouldn’t mind being in Thompson’s shoes either. “You’re getting to be a pretty good actor actually,” Thompson joked. “Takes one to know one,” Romney said.

Thompson had a good afternoon, maybe even the best debate performance by the former Tennessee senator since he entered the race Sept. 5. Thompson also gave the most direct answer of the candidates when asked which programs they’d be willing to run deficits to support.

“The military,” Thompson said, “Always.” The Des Moines Registers’ David Yepsen opined that Thompson “did himself the most good” among the candidates in the debate. Where was this candidate three months ago?

The answer, folks, is timing for "mo." Yah, Huckabee(ster) looks great in Iowa. But check his numbers in New Hampshire, if you can see down that far. Smart campaigns want the "mo" going into the Convention, not in the first 2 primaries/caucuses.

By Feb. 3rd, 1200+ delegates will be selected for the Republican Convention. It takes 1190 (or 1259) to be nominated.

Does ANYONE seriously think that ONE Pubbie will run the table between now and 2/3? (Hint: the answer begins with the letter "n".)

Only Belling--and I doubt seriously if he put 10 Large on that bet.


Anonymous said...

Yep...yep...FRED THOMPSON got 'er done! Hands down...he will resonate with Iowa voters that had been turned off because of the dinosaur media. FRED knows the issues and refuses to play silly stupid games! FRED was a leader, the others just followed.

FRED THOMPSON (true Conservative Federalist) - with NATIONAL SECURITY EXPERIENCE (I’ll do whatever it takes to stop the bastards, include water-boarding) - 2ND AMENDMENT ADVOCATE (arm citizens and the criminals will back off) - SECURE THE BORDERS (starve the illegals out and they will go home) - LAW AND ORDER (enforcement first and foremost) - SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM (the program can’t sustain itself) - DEFEAT THE DEMOCRATS (any one they put up) – TAX SIMPLIFICATION (choice for the tax payer)

Anonymous said...

THE WINNER was Fred Thompson. Fred came to play. He also had the obvious moment of the day when he took on the officious moderator, refusing to go along with one of those idiotic "raise your hands" questions. Given the hour that the debate took place, a lot of people will probably see only a highlight package of the debate. The unquestioned highlight was Fred slapping down the moderator. Even putting that aside, Fred had his best day of the campaign. He was serious, thoughtful, and authoritative. It was a wonderful day for him.

Anonymous said...

New Hampshire is relatively unimportant for Republicans. Right now, it looks like Huck wins Iowa and South Carolina. If he, or any candidate, does that, this race is over. Huckabee does have serious money issues. That is about the only thing keeping my from saying this race has been decided.

For a brokered convention to happen, you would need people willing to vote for who they thought would be an eventual loser. Those candidates don't get over 5% of the vote. Everyone wants to dance with the winner.

Anonymous said...

"It was a wonderful day for him."

And an early Christmas gift for his supporters. Go Fred!