Monday, December 31, 2007

"Duty, Honor, Country"

Those words are posted above the doorway at West Point, and were used often by Douglas MacArthur, General of the Armies. They actually mean something...

I bring them up for consideration as we read that Fred Thompson does not have "fire in the belly" (whatever the Hell that means) and that he "doesn't want to be President."

Fred's original statement is being mis-under-interpretated, of course. It was (and remains, I think) his considered opinion that the other (R) candidates, (and all the (D) candidates) do not fully or adequately represent a Conservative, constitutional, and cohesive platform, based on values enshrined in the Constitution.

That's not disparagement of the others--not even of the Dems.

But it's good cause for Fred to have undertaken a campaign.

It's his duty.

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His "closing statement" is found here. If you're already a Republican, go to 11:30 or so--and find out what he thinks about the (D) opponents and why HE should carry the flag against them.

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James Wigderson said...

Another phrase springs to mind, even if its counter to the Democratic spirit, "noblesse oblige." It was a concept I think the elder George Bush understood (even if I disagreed with him) but is lost on most politicians.