Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pundit Nation, Dad29 Reach Historic Agreement

...and probably the last one for the next several years.


...I don’t think our democracy is better off with this focus on religion either. I certainly wasn’t going to vote for either Mitt or Mike, but their qualifications to be president shouldn’t rest solely or at all on their ability to convey the sincerity of their religious beliefs.


I don't really care what the guy believes. I care how he/she acts.

G K Chesterton, in a discussion about superstition:

Creed and credence and credulity are words of the same origin and can be juggled backwards and forwards to any extent. But when a man assumes the absurdity of anything that anybody else believes, we wish first to know what he believes: on what principle he believes; and, above all, upon what principle he dis-believes.

So far, Fred Thompson is the only candidate of EITHER party to have posted his principles for examination.

G K Chesterton would have approved.

I don't know about Pundit...


Other Side said...

We need a spin picture of the two of you (sorry Anne, I meant three)with pens in hand.

Say "Cheese!"

Billiam said...

Ah, Dads smile is too radiant for a mere mortal's camera! ;-)

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