Friday, December 21, 2007

"Inculturated"? Hell, No!

The JS managed to avoid using the term "Mexico" in the article.

...But for a select few that break already has begun, as some students with families living in foreign countries sacrifice class time for the opportunity the extended break gives to see far-flung relations.

Educators in bilingual schools say the absences are particularly acute among their students, with some missing almost an entire month. State law allows students to miss up to 10 excused days

Seems that the little darlings fall behind in classwork when they take a month off.


Oh, yeah--YOU get to pay for it:

Students missing class are given assignments to complete while they're gone. If they are still behind by the time they return, Smith said, their parents are encouraged to sign them up for the after-school program or they might be given extra time with a reading specialist


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