Thursday, December 27, 2007

No Conscience: The Left's REAL Bottom Line

Next time one of those weepy-eyed Lefties tells you about "empathy" and "killing people in Wars" and "Waterborading crimes" and all that crap, pull up this post from the "empathetic" and "conscientious" Left:

...and go to the comments, wherein the Lefty weeper declares that doctors who actually HAVE a conscience should not get into "emergency" medicine.

According to the Left, killing babies IS "emergency" medicine.

Whallah!! as they say.


capper said...

Oooh, how marvelously snarky. And what, pray tell, will you do with the product of a rape, that the mother was forced to carry? Certainly not take care of it, because that would raise taxes. Perhaps feed it to the wolves? Save the cell, kill the baby, is that it?

Amy said...

Oh, please give me a break, Capper.

What do we do with the children of murderers? Thieves? And other criminals? We certainly don't kill them. Taxes *do* have a purpose - it's the foolish spending we oppose. I'm certain few, if any, conservatives would oppose tax dollars going to help children.

The left is selfish. Period.

If every doctor with a "conscience" left medicine...have fun with the loons. Conscience is the same thing that keeps a doctor from experimenting on you, you know...

Phelony Jones said...

I was about to chime in, then I read Amy's comment. That's too good to follow.

Dad29 said...

It's evident that Capper needs a vacation and that Amy is much kinder than I would be.

Display Name said...

An injured patient often has little choice or capacity to choose which hospital they're taken, and at least as little choice as to which doctor will care for them. Is it unreasonable for a patient to assume they'll be given the option of legal and safe procedures? Is your answer that they need to shop elsewhere?

To paraphrase Chris Rock, you're wearing the uniform. What should we expect from health care professionals? Maybe you don't want to do the procedure. What about the doctors that do? Should they not rely on you, either? Which procedures are fair game for withholding? "I can't administer antibiotics, it kills living things."

Dad29 said...

1) No, it's not unreasonable. There are usually several nurses and MDs hanging around an e-room--some of which may not have a religious objection.

2) Proud to wear the uniform. Still have Class A's and fatigues (and they FIT) from USARNG days, too.

3) Can't you come up with a MORE ludicrous example than antibiotics? How about band-aids which hide the beauty of nature?