Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ending Wisconsin's Internet Tax: Zipperer

A freshman Leggie has introduced a bill to eliminate the Wisconsin tax on Internet access.

On Tuesday, the Assembly committee on Energy and Utilities held a public hearing on Assembly Bill 223, the Wisconsin Internet Tax Freedom Act authored by Representative Rich Zipperer (R-Pewaukee).

"Presidents Clinton and Bush, Nancy Pelosi, Dave Obey, Jim Sensenbrenner and Russ Feingold all agree-taxing internet access right now is bad public policy. In fact, not a single member of Congress voted against the recent extension of the tax moratorium. Yet, Wisconsin is one of only a handful of states that continue collecting the tax, costing Wisconsin families and businesses millions every year."

According to the original fiscal estimate prepared by the Department ofRevenue on April 17, 2007, (updated), taxpayers will save $74 million over two years if Zipperer's legislation is successful. --source, Zipperer press release.

Wonder how the Dems will play this one....

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