Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The AMT: Still Looming

23 million Americans will get hit by the AMT--unless Queen Nancy gets off her ass.

Dear Madam Speaker:

As the year draws to a close, I respectfully call upon you to bring much-needed alternative minimum tax (AMT) relief to the American people by allowing the Senate passed AMT patch to proceed to the House floor.

In previous years, Congress has protected taxpayers from the ever-expanding reach of the AMT. This year, Congress has the opportunity to do the same, but so far has not taken meaningful action to protect taxpayers. Treasury Secretary Paulson has said that the inaction will now delay the issuance of approximately $75 billion in taxpayer refunds. If Congress does not act soon,
23 million Americans will become ensnarled in the AMT and face an unjust tax increase of nearly $2,000 each.


Eric Cantor

United States Congressman

One suspects that Nancy is too busy sending flowers to pay attention to business.

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Billiam said...

Asking a Democrat to kill a tax? Sure, ask a junkie to give up his junk. Same answer.