Friday, December 14, 2007

I'll Explain It All for You in Math Terms

Click to enlarge. Read and Weep.

HT: Pertinacious


Al said...

1 small correction that doesn't change the end results.

1st of all it is love of money. But that is canceled out by the fact that you are looking for love in looking for a woman. (ie the 2 love ofs cancel each other out.) The end result remains the same.

I think I can assume you left that bit out for simplicities sake.

GOR said...

Actually isn't it "[the love of] money is the root of all EVIL..."

So, pace the feminists, the conclusion would be something Adam would have subscribed to...

Anonymous said...

Dear Dad;
Are you and Mom having problems?

Dad29 said...

Nope. Have a lot of daughters, though.