Saturday, August 13, 2005

Radio Talk Star--Jim Doyle Style

Now it seems that the WISN "Radio Talk Star" voting was, ah, influenced by Daily Kos readers, nationwide, who stuffed the electronic ballot box to promote the winner, some woman named "Nicole." Blog takes on "Nicole" were fairly consistent--she's a lefty.

Heh. That's $50K/year, plus miscellaneous employment taxes and health-care costs, that ClearChannel may regret. Or maybe not. Who knows?

We know for sure that Jimbo (ThreeCardMonty/'Noid/"Diamond Jim"/WEAC Towel-Boy) Doyle, the most disgraceful slimeball to inhabit the Wisconsin Governor's Mansion in the last 50 years, would be proud--after all, it's his position that Wisconsin citizenship should have nothing whatsoever to do with election results.

For the record, I don't have a dog in the WISN race. Since I drive my children to school every morning, I've avoided the Weber/Dolan---Bott--Whoever WISN morning shows. The conversation tends to wander into the blue (as in Lenny Bruce) or into juvenile scatological crap.

Who needs it? WFMR is far better for the mind and soul.


realdebate said...

Glad to see Noid is catching on. We are thinking of marketing T-shirts.

"avoid th noid"

Catchy aint it? What Copyright?

Dad29 said...

The Stanley Greenberg study which identifies Democrat electoral problems damn near points directly at Jim Doyle (among others.)

Greenberg is extremely good at what he does--a well-connected Republican activist I know has enormous respect for him--

I hope that our State Pubbies are alert enough to capitalize on the study. Shouldn't be real hard to do...

Yeah, I like the 'noid thing--but since 'noid is not part of WFMR's programming, I'm not sure I understand the reference.