Thursday, December 16, 2021

That Pfizer "Cure"? It's Ivermectin, Re-Formulated

So you can get horse-paste from Pfizer at a ridiculously high price, or ....

...Dr. John Campbell explains the pharmocodynamics of the new Pfizer drug -- the mechanism by which the drug stops covid from replicating.

If I have this right, it stops covid by gumming up one of its key enzymes, an enzyme which chops up covid's longest proteins which allows them to pass into the target cell. The proteins are too large to pass into the target cell unless cut into pieces.

Spoiler Alert: that's what ivermectin -- The Deadly Horse Dewormer -- does, too.

Now I know what you Conspiracy Theorists and Disinformation Spreaders are thinking: Pfizer has created a patentable drug which replicates the same pharmocodynamics of ivermectin, which is out of patent and therefore cannot be monetized.

And all I can say is:

What a terrible thing to say.

Ivermectin is a Deadly Horse Dewormer and only a Russian Asset with kompromat against him would say otherwise....

 That's Ace's take.  The video is at the link in the above quotation.

But there's more info out there.  PfizerMectin is, indeed, a 3CL inhibitor like Ivermectin.  But PhizerMectin works on the variants where Ivermectin did not unless you jacked up the dose and got side-effects.

Read both items.  Inform yourself.  Make up your own mind.

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Anonymous said...

Deadly horse dewormer??, is the one they trialed to get adverse results.

There IS, a human version of the same named drug, as well, as the equine one!!