Friday, December 24, 2021

Vatican Demands Vaxx

Apparently the crowds to see Pp. Francis are so small that it doesn't matter any more.

The Vatican has eliminated the possibility of employees presenting a negative coronavirus test to gain access to their place of work, insisting that only proof of vaccination or recovery from the coronavirus disease will be admitted.

A Vatican decree Thursday signed by Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin states that the obligation of presenting a vaccine passport (Super Green Pass) to go to work applies to all personnel of the Roman Curia and institutions linked to the Holy See as well as external collaborators, visitors to the Vatican City State, and outside workers....

Further, they'll screw any of those "religious exemption" deplorables.

 ...The decree mentions no exemptions for conscientious objection based on moral considerations....

...Cardinal Parolin declares that personnel without a valid green pass “will not be able to access the workplace and will be considered unjustifiably absent, with the consequent suspension of pay for the duration of the absence” and will be subject to the further consequences that such an absence would incur...

That 'suspend without pay' is stolen directly from the language of a certain "Catholic" hospital chain in the USA.

This is merely a continuation of the fascist/Peronist tendencies shown in the Vatican's treatment of the Extraordinary Form (Latin) Mass.  

All that 'inclusive' stuff?  Only applies to invading aliens!!

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