Tuesday, December 04, 2018

The Noozzz' Madison Narrative

The Civility of the Democrats!!

Two different TeeVee Nooz outlets (5 & 6) did not cover the disturbing madhouse in Madison today on the 9PM editions.  Oh, yes, we got coverage of the debate, but not the jackass screeching from Democrats.  Channel 12, to its credit, mentioned it in the copy and 6 finally caught up at 10.  Channel 5 (7) only covered it on website copy, not with video.

But the animals sent by the Democrats to disrupt the Capitol's Christmas tree ceremony--the animals who shouted down the children singing Christmas carols for that ceremony?

Somehow, that didn't fit The Noozzzz' video narrative on the SeeBeeEss outlet.

So the Democrat Animal Parade was out there, being "civil" as only the Democrats can!

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