Monday, December 17, 2018

V. D. Hanson Goes Ballistic. He's Right.

Little more need be said, and it certainly cannot be said better than how Hanson does it.

....The globalist alone knows how global warming threatens us and how the ignorant masses must sacrifice to cool things down, how nationalism supposedly causes world wars, how sexism, racism, and homophobia have warped Western, but non-necessarily non-Western, society, and how human nature can be modified to avoid these pathologies through greater coercion, more relevant social education, improved material conditions, and greater secular ecumenicalism—a far better religion than calcified Christendom. The Western consumer—fat, “lazy,” played out—surely does not need any more affluence or income. His nation, therefore, can afford to subsidize, through his superfluous lifestyle, far nobler international crusades for mankind.

The nation-state then is passé. Transnational organizations, the larger and more powerful the better, tame mindless Western chauvinism, while enhancing and making invaluable alternative post-Western paradigms. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, the chief executive officer of the World Bank, the Secretary-General of NATO, the Director-General of the World Trade Organization, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, the President of the Council of Foreign Relations, the president of CNN Worldwide, all these are certainly to be listened to in a way an elected senator from Kansas, the nuts who stirred up the gilets jaunes, the unhinged Poles and Bulgarians who wanted to build fences on their borders, or renegade British MPs pushing for Brexit should not be....

There's a breaking point coming soon.  

It is NOT co-incidence that the Elite Globalist Cabal is ripping the "Rule of Law" to shreds in the US with its unhinged, maniacal prosecutions of Trump-people and patriots (like Mike Flynn), nor that the current Pope is ripping the Roman Catholic Church to shreds with contradictions of established doctrine (see the 'death penalty' e.g.)

If you look at the financing for all of this demolition (completed, in-process, or attempted), you'll find that it comes from .......ahhh........suspicious.........sources, ALL of which are card-carrying anti-Catholic (ergo, anti-Christian) sources, no matter that some claim to be 'Christian' or "Catholic."

It's not what they say.  It's what they do that counts.

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