Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Holier-Than-Thou Projection

Apparently this guy has ...ahhhh.....nasty tendencies.

“Kill yourself,” a Democrat State senator tweeted to Republican State Senate Majority Communications Director Candice Giove on Tuesday.

Democrat Kevin Parker posted the tweet in response to Giove’s complaint about his parking...

So?  A Democrat politician fantasizing about dead Republicans?   Ehhhh???

This particular Holier-Than-Thou poser is the one who proposed a new law whereby New York State will force you to give up your social-media passwords so they can "check for violent tendencies" before issuing a permit to carry.

Generally, Democrats "project" their own faults and assume that everyone has the same ones.  That's how they decide what laws and regulations must be applied to citizens (or subjects.....)  This Democrat has a 'kill' fetish.

So does Parker want a permit?


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