Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Push-Button Start: Invitation to Grand Theft Auto

Lots of times, a car will be left someplace for another family member or friend to pick up.  Maybe they're arriving at the airport and you just cannot meet them there to bring them home.  So you leave the car in the parking lot with the key over the visor, or in the glove compartment, or in a "key-hide" magnetically stuck to the wheel-housing, or in the cavity for the gasoline filler-neck.


Now comes the push-button start car.  Guess what?

That key, hidden in the car, allows ANYONE to jump in and start the car with the push of a button.  The key merely has to be close to the push-button to allow the start......

Time to re-think your procedure, friends.

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The key can be enclosed in metal this blocking any signal. Sorry.