Tuesday, December 11, 2018

On Today's Situation, Secular and Religious

ZMan cannot be considered an optimist.

...The people who rule over us, whether you wish to use archaic terms like Marxist or socialist, or you like neologisms like cosmopolitan globalists, they do not see themselves as bound by the letter of the law, because  they see themselves as the spirit of the law. Tim Cook is not ready to declare himself a god, but he has declared himself the high priest of the new faith of the ruling class. There’s no mercy in the righteous and no reasoning with a fanatic.

Finally, the deafening silence from the people claiming to be in opposition to this growing tyranny, people like Ben Shapiro, is important. A lot of people on the dissident right think these anachronisms from a bygone age will wake up and begin to agitate on our behalf, but that will never happen. As has been explained many times, their real role is as defenders of the system. It’s why they hate Tucker Carlson so much. he actually talks about some of these things, thus exposing the perfidy of the Ben Shapiros of the world.

The part highlighted in red should be familiar to anyone who has discussed the documents of Vatican II with the Wack-A-Doodles who drool about the "spirit" of Vatican II.  Same stuff, different venue, but when you come right down to it, it's lying to create moral superiority.  Except, of course, there is little morality and the superiority is all in their heads.

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