Tuesday, December 18, 2018

"Mercy" Over "Justice" Primacy? Really??

Pp. Francis, continuing his crusade against Catholic doctrine, came up with a strange one.

...“Even in the Papal States, this inhuman form of punishment has been resorted to, ignoring the primacy of mercy over justice.”...

Catholics are hardly alone in teaching that God is the Perfection of Mercy AND Justice.  There is no 'primacy' in that equality.  It is conceded that mere humans, such as Pp. Francis, cannot understand this; it is mysterious.

As Taylor Marshall has demonstrated (and he's hardly alone on this; see Ed Feser for another take), capital punishment was enshrined in the Old Testament and is affirmed in the New; St Paul conceded that the State had the authority FROM GOD to execute Paul himself for certain transgressions.

That "from God" trips another question.  We know that marriage is also "from God", right?  Does it seem to you that Francis has a problem with that which is "from God"?  He's loosey-goosey on adultery, and now doesn't seem to care much for justice.  He's pushing "synodality", which as Cdl. Burke reminds us, is another indisputable doctrine directly from the lips of Jesus. 

What is it with this guy??


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