Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The GOVERNMENT Did It to Jesus, Ya'Know

The usual suspects, including the hilariously un-informed Ms. Occasional-Cortex, would like us to believe that the Infant Jesus was a 'refugee' at birth, thus forced into a stable and manger.

That's not the story.

In fact, the Government (Mordor on the Tiber) forced Jesus' mom and foster-dad to go to Bethlehem under penalty, to register for census.  So the Government was the direct cause of the stable/manger thing.

THEN the Government (Mordor in Jerusalem) forced Jesus' mom and dad to haul out of the country or see the baby Jesus killed, sorta like that very same Government had done to dozens of other little babies.  (And they didn't have Planned Parenthood to do it for them, either.)  That was done so that the Elite could retain their power.

So what have we learned?

We have learned:  1)  The Government is a taskmaster which doesn't really care about the difficulty or expense you encounter in obeying its (stupid) orders.  2)  The Government is perfectly willing to kill anyone, any time, any place, to preserve itself and its Elite.  3)  Elected US Representatives are fully able to be dumber than a box of rocks.

(As a matter of fact, The Government eventually managed to kill Jesus, using its power of execution to maintain acceptable relations with some other Elites who could cause trouble.)

Study these lessons, boys and girls.  You never know when you'll see another similar episode.


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