Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ken Schetter Is Right

Several years ago we were very well-acquainted with this neighborhood.  It's still a very nice area.  Except for.....

Ken Schetter of Shetter's [sic] Automotive says the catalytic converter on a Honda on his lot was stolen overnight Sunday and it's not the first time it's happened. 

In a Facebook post Monday, Schetter said:

"Arriving at our business this morning on the corner of Howell and Oklahoma, we found numerous vehicles vandalized and a few cars with catalytic converters cut out of cars. This seems to be a recurring problem

Well, then, Ken, what about it?

...So, FYI, we are now going to be actively HOPING we have someone come try this again. We confident that the second amendment and our concealed carry licenses will allow us to protect our property and our customers property. Please, we welcome these scumbags to return to our business. They will not be met with kindness, forgiveness, or understanding."...
Ah!!  The High-Speed Lead Solution!!  The Taxpayer-Relief Shot!!

Since it's Milwaukee, the usual busybody hens are a-clucking.

..."I adore Ken and I adore his business, I understand his frustration but as a community member guns don't solve any problems," said neighbor Carrie Sullivan....
Tell you what, Carrie:  you take the overnight guard-shift OR pay Ken's casualty-insurance bills, and Ken will keep his guns at home while he sleeps soundly.

Deal, Carrie??

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