Sunday, December 09, 2018

The Screwing "Yellow Jackets" Didn't Get--Yet

A somewhat unhappy Brit lament which is VERY familiar to many Wisconsin residents.

I forked out $1,100 this week to an auto-mechanic to fix a “problem” non-existent just six months ago.

My Volkswagen, you see, is no longer fashionable. It’s a dirty diesel. That trusty lump of German steel failed its annual roadworthiness test. To the delight of the auto-mechanic.

“New laws, mate,” he said with a muted glee, my floppy hairdo somehow thickening his joy.
“Pumps out black smoke—polluter,” went the decree.....
The story differs from the Wisconsin experience in a few ways, but the principle is the same.  Wisconsin's government formally assists the National Regime in screwing its own citizens, especially the working poor, with "air pollution offenses" that are largely meaningless--but horribly expensive.

Don't look to Republicans in the Legislature to cure this, nor the "Friend of the Poor" Evers.  This is the classic Estabishment-Government example of regulations made to crush citizens.

The Yellow Jackets got crushed by taxes and lout-ish "refugees."  We get crushed by Fees, Fines, and lout-ish elected officials.


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