Monday, December 10, 2018

Green Wackies Get Lumps of Coal for Christmas

The Polish people had no use for Marxist communism, and have no use for Marxist "clean energy" stuff either.


...How beautifully symbolic it was that, when those 22,000 officials, politicians, green lobby groups and others descended on Katowice in Poland for the UN’s latest mammoth climate conference, they should find its exhibition centre decorated with neat stacks of coal and were greeted by a band from local collieries.

Katowice is the centre of Poland’s coal industry, which provides 82 percent of all its electricity; and, with the backing of the Polish government , the conference is jointly sponsored by local coal companies, of the kind the UN wants to see driven out of business
....Sunday Telegraph via Breitbart
Those clever Poles also defied the anti-Christian (Marxist, BIRM) twits with a reminder of Christianity's importance; that is that the Green Weenies were presented with lumps of coal just before Christmas.


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